Easy Science Experiments for Kids!

Looking to inspire young minds when it comes to science?
I like to adopt the Ms. Frizzle frame of mind.


Learning about bacteria is fun, but has your family ever GROWN bacteria? Let the “professionals” show you how AMAZING it can be!

My kids loved the “In the World of Germs kit”, your Magic School Bus scientists grow bacteria and fungi, test antibiotics, make a fungus bubble, grow mold, wake up fungi, cultivate bacteria in yogurt, and use yeast to inflate a balloon!

Get an exciting new Magic School Bus Science Kit delivered to your doorstep every month for a YEAR! These science experiments for kids include making clouds in a bottle, making rain, the greenhouse effect, making a thermometer, making a tornado, creating your own weather chart, and more!

The best part… Educents has the award-winning Science Kit subscription for 50% off (+ free shipping within the US)!


Looking for more science resources? 
Check out our “Science For All” lesson plans and materials.   Each Science For All Lesson comes with teacher notes, student handouts, and charts to fill in. Can be adapted to individuals or whole class.

The Powerful Popcorn Experiment 5 Popped Corn Experiment
Weather Word Problems
The Amazing Gummy Bear Experiment
Mystery Bag: An Introduction to Fossils
Which Candle Burns The Fastest?
Conductors and Insulators

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