CHRISTMAS in July! Giveaway and Sale!

Ho ho hot!  This sale and giveaway is HOT!  From now until July 25th we are celebrating ‪#‎CHRISTMASinJuly‬ at Teaching Upstairs!

The Giveaway!

Make sure you enter our giveaway!!! On July 25th ten lucky educators will win a Reading Workshop: Launching Unit. Your 3rd-5th graders will learn how to “Build Their Reading Life”. With the guidance of Lucy Calkins Reading Workshop Units of Study you will love this unit and all the materials you need to launch your workshop at the beginning of the year!   ENTER HERE!

The Sale!

You will find the best sale of the year on all of our products! 50% OFF at our Teacher’s Notebook Store!

Some of the items you find on sale:

  • Upper Elementary Reading Workshop units and materials
  • Upper Elementary Writing Workshop units and materials
  • Pre K- Second Grade Phonics and Spelling materials
  • Pre K- Second Grade Math Materials
  • Pre K- Middle School Word Working materials and parent support
  • Kindergarden-5th Grade Science Experiment guides
  • Upper Elementary Social Studies Projects
HEAD OVER BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!  Comment below and tell us what you purchased and receive an EXTRA PRESENT!!!

What do you think?

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