Prefix and Suffix Resources and a Freebie!

Many studies show the importance of building children’s vocabulary. One study has shown that a set of 20 prefixes and 14 roots, and knowing how to use them, will unlock the meaning of over 100,000 words. A similar study showed that a set of 29 prefixes and 25 roots will give the meaning to over 125,000 words. Imagine adding suffixes!  Here are some of my favorite hints, resources, and printables when introducing prefixes and suffixes!

Grab My Prefix and Suffix Freebie Now!

Grab My Prefix and Suffix Freebie Now!

Prefixes and suffixes are units of meaning that are attached to a base or root word. When examining words with affixes (prefixes and suffixes), have students pay careful attention to words that have a double consonant at the juncture between the affix and the base or root (unnoticed, really, thinness). Help them to understand that there are two distinct units of meaning, so both consonants are necessary.  Don’t forget when students are working with adding suffixes, they can sort words into three categories:
e-drop (braver)
double (sadder)
no change (deeper)

Prefix and Suffix Sites & Printables

The following product is available at my Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook Shops!  BUT because you are an amazing educator that found my site …. you get it for FREE!  This printable contains exactly what you need to focus in on prefixes and suffixes!

This cute and brightly colored product contains:

  • 2 Posters (1 prefix definition, 1 suffix definition)
  • Over 40 Prefix and Suffix Cards that contain the following: the prefix or suffix, a definition of how the word changes, and then example words.
  • Blank Word Cards

Prefix and Suffix Freebie! Prefix and Suffix Freebie


Enjoy and please share any ideas or resources that you use to teach your students prefixes and suffixes in the comments below!

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