PrintableWho doesn’t need a new printable calendar for 2d520-5this school year!  This was designed with everyone in mind!  Use it for home, work, or your classroom!  Just click to be directed to the download!  Leave a comm14bed-1ent below and tell us what you used it for!


And We Have Another Back To School FREEBIE!!!

Printable and Digital First Day Signs2Tomorrow is the day!  We are back to school and it is the perfect time to capture a memory.  This year I will have a Kindergartener and a Second Grader!  In honor of the first day of school I am sending out a freebie for parents and teachers alike! Click Here to Learn More!

Printable and Digital Back to School Signs!

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Classroom Number Line 


The alphabet chart and number line can be printed and kept in a square format or as I did cut into circles, laminate, and string together for a cute banner effect!  I haven’t printed all of it out so I have download it here!!  You can use this as a number line to put up on your wall or as a small group activity.  You can find the whole classroom decor set at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store, Teachers Notebook Store, or Resources4Teaching Store.  Don’t forget your freebie!!  Comment below and tell me how you used it or even share a picture on my Teaching Upstairs Facebook Page!

Super Word Working!
Word Working Based On Words Their Way

8e1cc-original-214644-1These resources are best when being used in conjunction with Words Their Way Spelling. Some of the resources included are: A Beginning of the Year Parent Letter, Weekly Word Work Sheet for Home- (used to implement nightly practice with a parent signature at the end of the week), Expectations for Word Working Notebook, Daily Word Working Activity Sheet- Made to have students glue into their Word Working Notebooks, and more… This will help you launch your program and maintain organization and accountability. 


Reading Workshop Freebie: Read Aloud With Accountable Talk Packeta5c9a-accountablepacket

Another piece of evidence and accountability in our Reader’s Workshop is our Read Aloud With Accountable Talk Times. In this packet there is a conversation rubric to guide conversation about the expectations of what our Read Aloud With Accountable talk time looks like.

There is also a “Accountable Talk Worksheet” that is next in the packet. This can be used to take notes on the type of talk that your students participate in.


Another piece of evidence and accountability in our Reader’s Workshop. This form is used for students to take all of the sticky notes from the book that they just finished, before they put it back in our classroom library. They then reflect on a chosen sticky note and summarize part of the book.


 Launching Cafe’ The Upstairs Way!fd11f-original-241660-1

In this packet you will find the first 5 weeks of launching a mix of Cafe and the Daily 5 in the upper elementary. It also includes printables for your classroom that go along with Cafe as well as a Cafe chart of strategies for the upper grades. You will also find a teachers class list to make Cafe more manageable!


 Current Event & My Gut Reaction

Have your students use this form to summarize a current event that they found and then take it a step further. They also need to make a connection to themselves or something from their knowledge of the world or other text. They have a chance to share their opinion on real live events happening around us.302f6-original-214679-1

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