End of the Year Celebration

End of the Year Celebration! A Few Ideas and Freebies!

Every year end my fourth grade classroom throws an End Of The Year Celebration!  It is a great time of reflection, celebration, tears, and lots of laughs!  Here are some thoughts, pictures, and printables from the celebration.  I would love to hear what you do with your students too!!

My Timeline for the End of the Year Celebration

Two Weeks Before the Celebration:

  • Have students fill out Top 10 ListsThese lists will help bring together the different parts of the script that will be written for celebration, as well as, they make great decorations for wall, lockers, or hallways.
  • Create committees for celebration.  The committees that I use are as follows: Decorations, Set Up, Clean Up, Greeters, Narriators (they help me write the script), Communications (help with RSVP’s and invites), and Food.
  • Write the ABC’s of Learning as a class.  Each letter of the alphabet represents a memory, habit, or routine in your classroom.  I usually assign one or two letters per student.  They create the saying associated to the letter and then at the celebration they will each read the letter that they wrote.  Here are a few sayings from one of my last classes.  I usually print these on multiple colors of paper and make a class book or use them to decorate the hallway coming into our classroom.
  • ABC's of Learning ABC's of Learning1 ABC's of Learning2 ABC's of Learning3
  • Begin to create the end of the year script.  Example script found here.  This script we used to put on our production for parents.  Our script consists of a few different parts including… an introduction to our parents from narrators, the reading of our ABC’s of Learning, Readings of our Persuasive Essays unit found here! (only a couple students shared), and last but not least mock election awards(here is a freebie from Tiffany Goliday on TPT).
  • Send out invites to parents and other teachers.  Find my freebies here!

One Week Before the Celebration:

  • Have committees meet a couple times throughout the week with agendas.
  • Begin practicing the script.
  • Hold Mock Elections

Week of the Celebration:

  • Rehearse each role.
  • Set up classroom
  • Send out reminders

Day of the Celebration:

  • Set room
  • Run through script twice
  • Committees meet